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BabyStaples Organic Barley Porridge | 100% Organic Baby Food Cereal for 6 Month + | Organic Pearl Barley Superfood | 200g

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  • ORGANIC BABY FOOD- These are 100% Organic, Non GMO Pearl Barley grain
  • WHY BARLEY- Barley is very rich source of fibre and hence traditionally Barley water is given to kids to improve their gut health . Our recipe uses Hulled Pearl Barley where the outer bran is removed to make it gut friendly while retaining the nutrition of endosperm and partial part of germ of the grain. This helps in better digestion.
  • CONVENIENT INSTANT PREPARATION- Traditionally Barley needs to be soaked overnight for preparing any Barley dish But our recipe is Instant food Porridge which takes approx 2 minutes to be prepared and served.
  • 100% NATURAL – No additives,No Preservatives.
  • RECIPE SUGGESTION – Barley goes well with sweet potato or Carrot & Apple puree.