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BabyStaples Organic Steel-Cut Oats Porridge | 100% Organic Baby Food Cereal for 6 Month+ | 200g

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  • ORGANIC BABY FOOD – These are 100% Organic, Non GMO Steel-Cut Oats for babies.
  • WHY STEEL CUT OATS – We are the only Organic Baby Food brand to introduce Steel Cut Oats as they have bran & germ of the grain intact to provide enhanced natural nutrition which make it much better than Rolled Oats and other such varieties available otherwise
  • NUTRITION ADVANTAGE- This Baby Oats Product is lab certified to provide 35% of Dietary Fibre & 32% of Daily Protein requirement in single serving of 28 gms. High Fibre makes it easily digestible.
  • CONVENIENT INSTANT PREPARATION- Baby oats Instant food Porridge which takes approx 2 minutes to be prepared and served.
  • 100% NATURAL – No additives, No Preservatives.You can garnish the freshly prepared steel cut oats porridge with your choice of Fruit Puree or Jaggery Powder.