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BabyStaples100% Organic Sprouted Ragi Porridge Baby Food for 6 Month+ Stage 1 200g

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  • ORGANIC BABY FOOD- This is 100% Organic Ragi Baby Food, Non GMO Whole Grain Finger Millet Ragi for babies also known as Nachni in India.
  • BABYSTAPLES SPROUTING ADVANTAGE- BabyStaples has pioneered use of Sprouted Ragi as it has 5 times more calcium than regular Milk. Our Sprouting method increases Vitamin C content in the grain which then further helps in easy absorption of nutrients especially Iron & Calcium which otherwise are difficult to get absorbed in the body.Our recipe provides 16% of daily calcium requirement in 1 serving of 28 gms.
  • RAGI BENEFITS- Ragi belongs to Millet family and is excellent source of Iron & Calcium for babies. Ragi is a whole grain which is rich in fibre and hence easily digestible.
  • CONVENIENT INSTANT PREPARATION- Instant Ragi baby food which takes approx 2 minutes to be prepared and served.
  • 100% NATURAL-No additives,No Preservatives.No Sugar.No Salt