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Kiddale 3-in-1 Musical Instrument Toy with Colorful Octopus Piano, Trumpet and Funny Interactive Mobile Phone – Multicolor

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  • 1. MUSICAL OCTOPUS PIANO ,TRUMPET AND MOBILE PHONE : MELODIOUS TUNES WITH MULTI-FUNCTIONS: The Kiddale musical keyboard ,trumpet and mobile phone has a vibrant and melodious sound with volume control. Apart from the learning, it is sure to give moments of joy and laughter for your baby. The octopus piano has 5 multifunctional keys with distinct colours to play 5 different types of tunes. The trumpet has 3 animal keys to play 3 different notes. The mobile phone has multiple keys to play. This is
  • 2. COLORFUL AND WIDE KEYS FOR KIDS EASY EARLY LEARNING: With 5 colorful keys, this Kiddale kid’s piano is very suitable for a beginner to practise. Your little one can get accustomed to the distinct sounds and get a feel for it. The trumpet also has colourful keys to select various notes. Children can play, experiment and creatively express themselves.
  • 3. BUILD CONCENTRATION & COMMUNICATION ABILITY: The trumpet has a wide rounded hold that is easy and safe for the children to hold. Playing musical instruments at a young age, helps in improving the concentration and communication ability of children. Let your child fall in love with music with the Kiddale musical octopus piano, trumpet and funny interactive mobile phone . HIGH QUALITY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: The Kiddale musical instrument toys is made of non-toxic, top quality ABS plastic .
  • 4. EASY TO USE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The bright colours of the keys and design of the Kiddale musical piano and sounds make it easy for your kids to learn how to use it. Simple power ON and OFF buttons with easy volume control are there on the instruments that can be easily operated by kids. The piano ,trumpet and mobile phone are lightweight and the perfect size for your toddlers. They can carry it with them wherever they go!
  • 5. INTERNATIONAL SAFETY ASSURANCE: Along with EN 71 certificate (International product safety standard), the product is non-toxic, made of lead-free components, non-slip material, has no loose, sharp or choking substances and is made of flame-resistant material assuring complete safety.