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Pandora Hello Kitty Soft Velvet Backpack Bags for 2 to 5 Years Kids for School/Nursery/Picnic/Carry/Travelling Bag – (Pink)

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  • Color – Pink and White.
  • DIMENSIONS – 14 Length x 10 Width x 3 Height in inches.
  • MATERIAL TYPE – high quality washable felt velvet used which is non toxic and soft and skin friendly fabric. Ideal for Preschool / Nursery Kids.
  • FEATURES – Light weight and soft fabric and it come with adjustable shoulder straps, which greatly reduce the pressure to shoulders. Also it has enough space for store things like toys, lunch box, fruits, small books, pencil box and other stationery items.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – This bag can also be use for travelling Bag, carry Bag, picnic Bag, teddy cartoon bag, and perfect gifting ideas.